Welcome; This is your Farm House

Maybe it was Phish. Perhaps it was the weather. It's probably just the idea that there is something very wrong with me.

I like to build things. I don't do rest or relax or downtime well. When I have it - the black dog comes out and... well... it's a short trip from there to Peyote James.

So, we stay busy. For the last couple of years, I've been able to use all of that extra time on professional endeavors (IP, ML, MMLT, etc.) - but with those where they are today (in exec mode - no longer in creative way) - I need a new outlet for my need to create.

I love mixing old and new. Software with Hardware. Real with Digital. I look forward to being able to get into robotics when we finish with Infoplus - but until then I have this: woodworking.

I love woodworking, and in particular, I love building cabinets.

The only real problem that I have run into over the past few is that the software I have found has always left me wanting more. Much of it focuses on things that I don't find interesting:
- I don't need to visualize the entire house.
- I don't need to draft them by drawing them.
- I don't need to be able to apply different finishes and view it all in 3D.

What I need to be able to do is create the cabinets I am going to build, defining the dimensions, styles, materials, and attributes, and then have a nice set of plans and cut sheets created for me.

Maybe even a little cut sheet optimization for sheet goods even... So for now, we are starting a new project. - Maker4. We'll see where this goes...

The start of Marker4

The start of Marker4

ohh, and some of the mojo for this project? Right now it is coming from my collection of favorite tracks in Apple music - Phish will be on repeat for a good start of this project.