Tank - 90% done!

Well it’s been a long time since I starting this tank project by cutting it in half.

We spent a couple of hours last night doing some more body work and I think we are around 90% of the way there. It LOOKS like a tank now and it has been a while since it has done that.

I sprayed a light coat of cheap Walmart black paint over the top coat of bondo. When dry I'll go back out and block sand it down to get the high and low points. The high points will get sanded and the low points will still show the black paint.

After one or two more round of this I'll take the tank to my buddy Kenny for the finish. He's a body man around here and should have no problem getting everything back to "perfect".

Honda VTX Tank

I'll post some more pics of the tank after a couple of rounds of block sanding.

I also managed to make a quick stop over to Rick's shop to grab some flat stock. I picked up 19 feet of 1/8" x 1.5". I'll only need a foot or so, but its better to have some stock around the shop when you need it since its a little tough to get to him or PMS to get steel on the weekends.