Everything moved! again...

We'll it has taken the better part of 8 months but I managed to move 75% of my stuff 100 miles away and then back while only losing around a third of it!

The well laid plans of mice and men.....

Now that I am back in Chester and back with lea and my youngest son (Nate) I needed somewhere to go with all of the "shop" stuff and bike stuff.

I'd spent the last 4 years working out of my dad’s place. Since we aren't really speaking still, I needed somewhere else to go with it. Lucky for me, my house has a huge garage. And by huge I mean freaking tiny! 21 x 12. So I had to take everything that I had in the shop in St Louis (which was around 4,500 sq ft) and move it into a 252 sq ft space. Not only did it all have to fit, but it had to be usable otherwise I wont have my bike back together by spring!

After a couple of weekends of moving and packing and moving again, I have most of what I need in the "shop" to finish the bike. Forget all of the car stuff and engines and sheet metal equipment. I was lucky to get a couple of benches in there plus a compressor, some welding and cutting stuff, a drill press and my small mill.

Here is what it is looking like now.