Welcome; This is your Farm House

Maybe it was Phish. Perhaps it was the weather. It's probably just the idea that there is something very wrong with me.

I like to build things. I don't do rest or relax or downtime well. When I have it - the black dog comes out and... well... it's a short trip from there to Peyote James.

So, we stay busy. For the last couple of years, I've been able to use all of that extra time on professional endeavors (IP, ML, MMLT, etc.) - but with those where they are today (in exec mode - no longer in creative way) - I need a new outlet for my need to create.

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The Day The LR32 Came To Town

Well - Today was a slow day. After spending most of the morning cleaning the shop, building a fire, watching youtube videos, smoking a little, and then cleaning some more, watching some more, playing with the fire some more and then making two trips out for coffee - I finally had to pull the trigger and get the LR32 system out of it’s box and give it a go.

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Building Cabinets for Festool Drawers- Getting Started (Part 1 - Making Boxes)

For the first time since morning the wood shop out of the basement and into the new little shop at the Farm - we are building something instead of working on the shop.    

It’s just a quick cabinet project to get all of the tools into visible drawers - but it will be a huge help.  No more running from hiding place to hiding place looking for the right systainer. 

These are the start to 4 cabinets that will be part of the new table saw our feed table.  

Up next - using the Festool LR 32mm system.  I’ve had it for 3 years - this will be the first time using it.   Off to watch some you tubers to get it going. 

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